Soggy Doggy, The Showering Shaking Wet Canine Award-A hit Young other folks Recreation Board Recreation for Family Night Fun Games for Young other folks Toys…

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  • THE SHOWERING SHAKING WET DOG GAME: Soggy Doggy is the action-packed, suspense-stuffed children board game of bathtub time stress-free. Favor 3 AA batteries (not incorporated) and a pair of-4 gamers to catch began!
  • REALLY SHAKIN’ THINGS UP: Fling across the board. Wash Soggy Doggy. If he shakes, it’s abet to open! This board game for children handiest takes about 10 minutes, nevertheless don’t be shocked if they have to play for hours.
  • OVER 2 MILLION UNITS SOLD: Young other folks and households everywhere the attach esteem Soggy Doggy. This game used to be a 2018 Toy of the 300 and sixty five days Winner, and now it is abet with a brand fresh and improved model for all children ages 4 and up.
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Worth: $7.97

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Updated: May 17, 2023 — 11:33 am